Stucco Repair

Stucco Repair​

Texture of damaged white plaster pattern on a wall before stucco repair Northbrook
Stucco can be repaired relatively easily if the damage is caught early and is limited to a small area. Some common repairs include:
We have an infinite number of colors available and we can closely match any color of stucco. After any repairs are completed we make sure to add 2 coats of waterproof sealant to your stucco which will help to prevent future damage. We take pride in our work and deliver the highest standards of workmanship for every job. We have over 20 years of experience and the skills that go with it. We guarantee you superior workmanship in every stucco repair and stucco restoration. Contact us today, we are ready and available to meet your stucco repair needs.

Stucco Ted Kowalczyk LLC Repair

Whatever you need here at Stucco Ted Kowalczyk LLC our experts are available to make sure your stucco repair is performed expertly. We make sure that with any repair or stucco restoration, we closely match the color and texture of the new stucco with the original stucco, which results in an invisible stucco repair.